Hey 425 Fitness Members,

This is an invitation for our complimentary “Train at Home” initiative for all 425 Fitness Members, to use Technogym’s MyWellness App to engage with you! We are here to help you and your families stay well and keep moving during this unprecedented time.

We will utilize Technogym’s daily exercise content, delivered through our very own MyWellness App directly through your smart device, allowing you to stay fit, happy, and healthy.

Why would you want to do this?
There are three workouts a day of varying intensity to choose from. The workouts are body weight driven or with minimal equipment (if you have it). This is very easy to use, so start today!

Download & Register for the 425 Fitness MyWellness app:

425 Fitness–Bothell: https://www.mywellness.com/ac350689/User/RegisterUser/

425 Fitness–Issaquah: https://www.mywellness.com/ac363358/User/RegisterUser/

425 Fitness–Redmond: https://www.mywellness.com/ac341235/User/RegisterUser/

Once you register download the MyWellness App – you’ll see Workout of the Days starting tomorrow April 6th thru the end of May and a Featured Program for Flexibility

We hope you continue to stay healthy!