First things first! Message or email us for your Member ID #!

Once you have your Member # Click Here:!

I registered for myself to detail it for those of us who are more visually inclined!

Once you register your account you will set up your password and ID name. 

Once you have completed that step you will see all green on the register page and will be directed to “Sign In”

Once signed it you will see your account details and can go to the “Classes” and then to “Enroll in a Class”

Finally, you can click on any GREEN open time slots. Now you are set! Rack those weights, step onto the stair climber, or whatever it is you’ve been missing the past few months!

If you’ve made a mistake in your reservation or want to drop the gym time for that particular day you will need to go to your “My Schedule” and click the “Cancel” button to drop or change time as shown below.