425 Fitness’ Winter Cycling Tips, Article 1 of 2 // By: Kyle Kenny, 425 Fitness Master Trainer & Assistant Director

Winterize your riding tactics.

Gear is critical for cold weather, ensure proper apparel such as rain gloves, cold weather cleats, anti-fog goggles and a warmer helmet.

Look for moisture wicking clothing.

When winter cycling, sweat is a nightmare if you aren’t wearing the right attire. Unequipped, sweating can make it nearly impossible to regulate your body temperature in freezing temps. Additionally, outdoor cycling in winter is not usually convenient. It helps to prepare when to cycle, for how long, and what to wear and bring with you in advance. If you want to be a regular winter cyclist, integrate it into your routine.

If a bike lane or shoulder has muck or ice, take the right traffic lane instead.

Ride relaxed to improve handling on bumpy, icy or wet roads.

What to wear cycling in cold weather

  • Light layers: The better the quality of your cycling gear, the less you have to layer and the more comfortable you are. A base layer should keep you dry; mid layers should keep you insulated; and outer layers should protect you from wind and rain or snow
  • Full coverage:It’s crucial to keep your head, core, and hands warm, especially the feet since they remain stationary during a bike ride and could go numb. But do not layer your socks. Layered socks only increase the chances of numb feet.
  • Wind and water-resistant pieces:You definitely want your cycling garments to block out wind and water, but at the same time, they must be breathable. Many times, waterproof clothing has pores that are close together, which makes it difficult for air flow to get in.

I prefer a base layer, kit tights, long sleeve jersey, a jacket and a cycling vest, along with gloves, socks, a head cover, cleat covers.

Your bike needs to be prepped for cold weather conditions as well, look at getting a tune up, check PSI, check cables, check the cassette and ensure swift changing of gears, tighten bolts.


Lights (helmet and bike)


Anti rust spray

Studded tires

Most importantly of all, coffee.


Kyle Kenny Redmond

Kyle Kenny, Master Trainer & Assistant Director, Redmond