UPDATE 10/7: We wanted to address the pool situation to all of you. Due to unforeseen circumstances, both the Redmond and Issaquah pools are currently closed. These are issues out of our control so it has been difficult to give an accurate date for when they will reopen. Below is our most up-to-date progress with each pool.
Redmond: The Redmond pool has been down due to the heater being replaced. This process typically takes 3 days to fix. However, because of the shortage of everything, we had to order the part from out of state and are still waiting for it to be delivered and installed. Unfortunately, while we keep many spare parts on hand, this is not one of them. We know the part is in Seattle and are waiting on delivery confirmation (they would not let us pick it up ourselves). Our best guess is we are still a week out before Redmond will be back up and running.
Issaquah: Months ago, we had scheduled the Issaquah pool deck to be repainted and retiled due to leaks. We are working with outside contractors and have been coordinating around their schedules. As of now, the current plan is to have them paint the pool Friday 10/8 and have the pool open by Tuesday 10/12. If any delays occur Friday that will push back the reopen date we will update on Facebook and our Blog.
Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding. We never intended for both pools to be down at the same time. We want them back up as much as you and look forward to having them looking and working better than ever!